Subaru SSA Northern States Interschools Snowsports Championships

Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) Northern States Interschools Champs - Event Info

In 2019, the NSW State Championships has been replaced by the SSA Northern States Championships and will now include ACT & QLD Competitors. Participation from ACT and QLD schools will be optional in 2019 and 2020.

From the Northern NSW & QLD Interschools Champs and ACT-Southern NSW Interschools Champs, ACT and QLD schools will receive a National Invite as well as a SSA Northern States Invite.

ACT and QLD schools can choose to enter both events or either of the events. If participating in the SSA Northern States event, your results will not effect your National invite. 

The SSA Northern States Championships also hold the Slopestyle, Cross Country and Multiclass Interschools Championships, which do not have a pre-qualifying Interschools Championships.


Event Details

The Championships are a 6 day event at Perisher from Tuesday August 20 - Sunday August 25. CLICK HERE for the event schedule.

The Championships also include the Slopestyle, Cross Country and Multiclass Interschools Championships


ACT Qualification Rules

From the ACT-Southern NSW Championships, subject to competitive times/scores, ACT teams that place within the overall top 6 team placing’s, along with ACT individual competitors that place in the overall top 15 individuals, from all divisions and disciplines, will be eligible to race in both the SSA Northern States Championships and the Australian Interschools Championships (subject always to the discretion of the Interschools Committee).


When entries open and close

Entries for the SSA Northern States Championships open Monday July 29 and close Monday August 12.

Slopestyle - Event Information

The SSA Northern States Interschools Slopestyle Championships are on Tuesday August 20 at Perisher.

Who can Enter

There is no pre-qualifying event for the Ski & Snowboard Slopestyle event. The Slopestyle Championships are open to NSW, QLD and ACT school students in Divisions 1-3 only. Students must have the appropriate level of skill and experience to compete in Slopestyle and must answer yes to the following questions:

• Can you execute a controlled straight air on a ‘green’ or ‘S’ (Small) category jump?
• Can you execute a controlled 50/50 (snowboard) or straight grind (skier) on a 5metre box?
• Do you have the ability to ride/ ski switch in a controlled way down a blue run?

Schools can enter teams or individuals into the Slopestyle Championships.

How and when to enter

School Coordinators enter competitors into Slopestyle events via the online entry system under the event "SSA Northern States Championships". Entries will open July 29 and close August 12.

National Qualification Rule 

From the SSA Northern States Slopestyle Championships, up to the top twenty individual competitors from Division’s 1-3, having received a minimum acceptable score, will be eligible to compete in the Australian Interschools Championships. For State Slopestyle competitors a minimum acceptable score (for National Championship progression) will be determined by the Interschools Committee following completion of each event, and before invitations are extended to the National level of competition. Historically this has been a score which is a minimum 45% of the total attainable score (45/100) and is often as high as 55% of the total attainable score (55/100). The minimum progression score determined by the Interschools Committee reflects the Championship Division level (competitor age), the course conditions, and the skill-level and quality of the athlete field.  

There are no team invites for the National Championships.

Slopestyle Competition Guide

Download the 2018 Slopestyle Competition guide. 

Event Info - NSW & ACT Cross Country Championships

Race Schedule

CLICK HERE for the Race Schedule for the 2015 Westpac NSW & ACT Cross Country Interschools Championships at the Perisher Cross Country Trails.


Volunteer Course Officials Roster

CLICK HERE for the Volunteer Roster for the Cross Country. Volunteers much check in with NSW Interschools at:

  • Cross Country Freestyle - 8.30am
  • Cross Country Relay - 10.15am
  • Cross Country Classic - 1.45pm


Race Bib Collection

Race Bib Collection is on from 8.00am at the Nordic Shelter at the Perisher Cross Country Trails. 


Cross Country Classic Trial Event

A Cross Country Classic Trial event will be held after the Freestyle and Relay. Participants do not need to enter the event. They just need to use their cross country freestyle race bib on the day if they wish to enter. There is no awards presentation for the event. Individual results will be posted on the Interschools website after the event. Results from the Cross Country Classic will not be used for the overall point score.

The event will be the ideal chance to practice for the National XC Classic event at Mt Buller and to rank your skiers for the race.  The Classic race will be held under conditions that will be similar to those you will find at the National event.


Competitor Changes

No changes are allowed on the day of the competition. As per the Interschools Rules of Racing:

2.10     Substitutions may be considered on account only on illness or injury, medical certificates may be requested. Any changes must be submitted by a School Coordinator by 4.00pm the day before the event. Changes to teams will be restricted to direct team member substitutions only. 

Multiclass - Event Info

The 2019 NSW / ACT / QLD Interschools Multiclass Championships will be held on Saturday August 24 at Perisher as part of the SSA Northern States Interschools Championships. The event is being run in conjunction with Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA). The event is an Alpine and Snowboard GS event for students with a disability in NSW, ACT and QLD.

Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a two day DWA training camp at Perisher leading up to the event on August 22 & 23. The camp and support on the event day is a $98 fee payable to DWA (DWA membership also needed) and involves 2 x 2 hour coaching sessions each day with DWA’s volunteer adaptive snowsport guides. It is a basic introduction to racing to help students understand the racing process and to become more comfortable in a race course.

Students compete for their school in their Interschools division (year at school).

  • Division 1 Male & Female - Years 11 & 12
  • Division 2 Male & Female - Years 9 & 10
  • Division 3 Male & Female - Years 7 & 8
  • Division 4 Male & Female - Years 5 & 6
  • Division 5 Male & Female - Years 4 & below


Paralympic classification is not required to participate in the training program or Interschools Multiclass event.

Medals will be awarded to the top 3 place getters in each division.

Online Entries are through the Interschools Online Entry System and close August 12. For help with your entries, please contact Wendy on or 0422 240 483.


Australian Multiclass Event

In 2019, NSW, ACT, QLD and Victorian Interschools Multiclass participants will qualify to attend the National Interschools at Mt Buller on Friday the 6th of September. To qualify for the Australian event, all participants must have competed in their State event (either in NSW or Vic).


For more information on the event, please contact Wendy at or 0422 240 483

For more information on DWA and the event camp, please contact Jo Terlich at