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2020 SUBARU Interschool Snowsports Event Details

Snow Australia Interschools confirms development of the 2020 SUBARU Interschools Event at Perisher NSW.  The Event Schedule will expand to 7 days of competition, from Sunday 6th to Saturday 12th September.

NSW/ACT/QLD School Coordinators have been individually invited to attend an Event Information Webinar next Tuesday June 23.

Event organisation and the Provisional Event schedule will be developed with an objective to:

Where schools and school communities have identified challenges in 2020 Event Participation, minimise / remove traditional school coordinator requirements through the development of an individual/family event-entry system using the Snow Australia portal, rather than the traditional Snow Australia Interschools entry system. This will move the demands of organisation and coordination from School Leadership Teams & Systems, to the National Sporting Body – Snow Australia. 

Ensure that all Government, Health and Sport regulations are strictly enforced, including social distancing requirements and maximum event number (gathering) restrictions.

Manage athlete participation numbers in all events through published and capped participation invite lists, to comply with health and safety requirements, that facilitates safe race-arena operations for all, including volunteer course officials and parent spectators, where allowed.

Increase the number of probable night events to facilitate additional event capacity.

Minimise the time out-of-school for Year 11 and Year 12 students. There would be a focus on prioritising the participation experience for Year 12 students.

Separate the majority of event days for the Primary School age participants (Divisions 6, 5, 4), and Secondary School age participants (Divisions 3, 2, 1). A revised and provisional event schedule will be published by Thursday June 25.

An initial schedule overview may look like:

  • Sunday 6th September – Primary Cross County Event (AM) / Primary Downhill Events (PM).
  • Monday 7th September – Primary Downhill Events.
  • Tuesday 8th September - Primary Downhill Events / Amelia McGuiness Memorial Time-Trials + Alpine Masters & Apprentices / Snow Australia Slopestyle Futures Camp.
  • Wednesday 9th September - Secondary Downhill Events / Secondary Slopestyle events.
  • Thursday 10th September – Secondary Downhill Events  
  • Friday 11th September – Secondary Downhill Events.
  • Saturday 12th September – Secondary Cross County Event.

There will be a multiclass event during the Perisher Event week, the scheduled date will be announced Thursday June 25.

Focus on the participation and fun Interschool Snowsports Event experience, with a reduced emphasis on competition results.


Current Event participation matters in-discussion include:

Schools may require participants to enter through their school’s event registration process, where that exists. However, participants will have the opportunity to enter individually where their school does not have an event registration process, or the school has determined that it will not be involved in this year’s events. Further details on the revised event-entry system will be published by Thursday 25th June.

There would be no School Team entries in 2020 Events. Entries would be individual only.

To ensure event and participant safety, qualification invites would be determined through documented 2019 Interschool Snowsports NSW Regional + ACT / QLD / SA State event participation and results. These would include the athletes that placed as the Top 20 individuals (female 20 / male 20) in Alpine GS, Ski Cross, Snowboard GS and Snowboard Cross events, also dependent upon achievement of a 2019 State-level qualification time and/or score performance level.  

In Moguls, the Event Qualification list will nominate athletes that achieved a minimum score of 24 (out of 60) in the 2019 Events as indicated above.

In Slopestyle, if held, a minimum score of score of 55 or higher must have been achieved at the 2019 State event, to ensure a 2020 SUBARU Interschools Event invite. Any new participants that did not compete in 2019 would be required to attend a proposed Snow Australia Slopestyle Futures camp (yet-to-be-confirmed), to be held on Tuesday 8th September to assess whether they meet the standard required for competition. The Futures camp will also include skill development training. In the situation that any attendee did not meet the required skill level for event participation, the participant would have their event entry fees fully refunded.

Cross Country may be able to run as an open event. The Primary and Secondary Cross Country Event days will be separated. The Nordic shelter may be not be able to be used by the public, except for the controlled use of the toileting facilities.

Results for all 2020 events will be generated using the best (only) time and/or score of the 2 runs for each individual, in each event.

Results would be generated for individuals only.

Presentations (if held) of Individual medals (Podium 1st / 2nd / 3rd), would be conducted in an outside environment and would involve social distancing requirements. If presentations are not possible due to health or weather safety concerns, medals would be sent to schools after the event (or collected on-site), for schools to present to podium winners at school assemblies, at a later date.

Interschools Snowsports would, where applicable and through application, look to provide school coordinators with school-specific results that would enable schools to celebrate combined athlete ‘team’ results during school assemblies, post-event.

There will be no School Championship Awards in the traditional form. However, Snow Australia may look to recognise whole-of-school performances in the context of the modified formats and eventual participation levels.

Individual Event Entry Charges will be published by Thursday 25th June. The annual NSW/ACT/QLD Athlete Registration charge of $30.00 pa will not be charged in 2020.

Round One entries would open on Monday 20th July (Week 1 of Term Three), and close on Thursday 6th August (Week 3 of Term Three)

After this date, Interschool Snowsports would assess whether additional entries could be permitted in certain disciplines and divisions.

If additional entries can be catered for, a 2nd Invite List would be published on Monday 10th August.

Round Two entries would open on Monday 10th August (Week 4 of Term Three), and close on Thursday 20th August (Week 5 of Term Three)

Any requests for specific individual exemptions to the recommended Qualification Guidelines would be reviewed by an Interschool Snowsports Event Tribunal. Requests would only be considered in writing. 

First Round Invitations

First round invitations have been developed for the Interschools Event at Perisher.

Due to current health restrictions, there are maximum entry numbers per discipline that we must adhere to. 

First round invitations include:

  • Top 20 individuals from the 2019 Regional Championships in Alpine, Ski Cross, Snowboard GS, Snowboard Cross, subject to competitive times/scores.
  • Mogul invitations where participants received a score of 24 or above at the 2019 Regional Championships
  • Slopestyle invitations where participants received a score of 55 or above at the 2019 State Championships

Participants in the first-round invitations will be given the opportunity to enter the event first and must complete their entry by August 6. After this date, an analysis of the entries will be undertaken to determine if there is additional space for entries in particular disciplines and divisions.

If extra entries are permittable, there will be a second round of invitations. There will be an expression of interest process for this second round. Participants will be given an invite with the following priority:

  1. Top 25 individual result from the 2019 Regional Championships, subject to competitive times/scores.
  2. Participants received an invite into one event only and request a second event, eg Alpine and Ski Cross.
  3. Previous participation in Interschools with a competitive result.

There will be no new participant entries in 2020 due to Interschools Risk Management protocols.

There will be a formal process to lodge an expression of interest for a second-round invite. More information will be available on this soon. We ask that schools and/or parents wait for the publication of the formal process, before contacting Interschools on this matter.

Please also note that the list will include students that are now attending new schools in 2020, along with those that completed their schooling in 2019.  

Snow Australia Interschools Update - June 12

The Interschools Snowsports community will be excited by the recent announcements that Ski Resorts across the country will be opening toward the end of June.  The delayed opening is designed to allow Resorts to prepare service and operational practices that comply with the respective government’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Snow Australia is respectful of the industry’s primary goal of delivering a safe recreational experience for its customers.  At the same time, we are in constant communication regarding the opportunity for competitive sport, including Interschool Snowsports.

While delaying decisions regarding the framework and format of Interschools might limit the number of changes, Snow Australia has decided to announce some modifications to provide greater certainty to participating schools, students, and families, during the coming weeks. 

Snow Australia hopes that this and future announcements will assist schools and students to maintain an involvement in Snowsports. These modifications will only apply for the 2020 season. 

Accordingly, Snow Australia provides the following immediate advice.

  • There will be only two Interschools Snowsports Competitions.  One in New South Wales at Perisher.  One in Victoria at Mt Buller.
  • There will be no National Championships.
  • Perisher will host:
    • Cross Country on Sunday 6th September (Primary Events) and Saturday 12th September (Secondary Events); and
    • all other events between Sunday 6th and Friday 11th September.
  • Mt Buller will host:
  • Cross Country on Sunday 9th August; and
  • all other events between Monday 24th and Sunday 30th August.

Please expect further communications specific to each of the Perisher and Mt Buller Snow Australia Interschools Championships next week. This will include developing Event details and Event-entry guidelines specific to each of the Events, currently in discussion with both Resorts and the respective State and National Interschool Snowsports Committees.

Cancellation Announcement: 2020 SUBARU ACT/Southern NSW Interschools Championships at Perisher - 4 June

Following confirmation that the current Covid-19 school restrictions covering Term 3 (July-specific) Inter-schools activities are highly likely to continue, Interschool Snowsports confirms cancellation of the 2020 SUBARU ACT/Southern NSW Interschools Championships, scheduled to be held in late-July at Perisher. This decision aligns with the cancellation of all other Regional and State Interschool Snowsports Championships at both the Perisher and Thredbo Resorts in 2020.

Interschool Snowsports will now look to develop Participation time-trial experiences with Perisher during late July and August, for individual schools. Details of those opportunities will be forth coming during late-June and early-July.

Interschools Snowsports is currently in discussion with Perisher on the September SUBARU Interschools Event, with a positive development announcement scheduled for next week.

Click Here for the updated 2020 Interschool Events Status Calendar

Click Here for the updated 2021 Interschools Events Calendar

Interschools Statement - 29 May

Snow Australia Interschools acknowledge the Statement released by Thredbo on May 28 outlining the Resort’s operational priorities with a view to commencing the season during this unprecedented period of challenge.

Thredbo aims to open on June 22 under a revised operating model that includes a cap of maximum day passes.  Thredbo has also listed a number of activities and services that will not be available when the Resort initially opens.  These include group lessons, seasonal programs, race training, and events that bring together large groups of people.

Given the uncertainty this places over Snow Australia Interschool events and following discussions with Thredbo, it has been decided that the August 2020 SUBARU NSW ACT QLD States Interschools Snowsports Championships will not proceed at Thredbo. This includes the August 2020 NSW ACT QLD State Cross Country Interschools Championship that was scheduled for the Perisher Trails. Please note that the State event will not be held in Perisher in August.

We await the announcement of Perisher’s Safe Operating Plan, most likely next week, before making further decisions on our Interschool Snowsports events in 2020.

More information on the Thredbo Statement 28/05/20 is available here -

Goggles for Docs Australia

Australian skiers and snowboarders are repurposing their snow goggles to help frontline workers in developing countries during the coronavirus crisis.

Goggles For Docs Australia is the Australasian arm of the USA Goggles For Docs campaign that has donated over 44 000 goggles to health workers in over 550 hospitals and clinics in need of eye protection during the Covid-19 crisis.

Goggles for Docs Australia is lead by long time Sydney activist, Neen Weir, who is, herself, a passionate skier and Redlands ski mother.

“Where the number of Covid19 cases overwhelm a hospital system it is dire and doctors are often desperate for eye protection. ” said Neen Weir. “Gogglesfordocs is calling on Australians to help us get goggles into hands of those who need in and bridge a gap during a world scarcity.” “ We can make a difference one set of a used snow goggles at a time “

Safe Drop off boxes have been set up from Palm Beach to Jindabyne and from Torquay to Hawthorn. ( refer: website ) Snowboard brand, Burton Australia, have also matched the first 100 community donations one-for-one for with a new pair of Anon goggles. Shipments have been delivered to surgeons within Australia and now parcels have been shipped to Indonesia. Vetting is done via the US team and demand exceeds supply.

For further information please contact Neen Weir 0410 511 411


Insta : @gogglesfordocs_ausnz

Interschools Update - 21 May

Snow Australia Interschools continues to review the gradual easing of State-specific Covid-19 restrictions and a possible return to sport at a school/community/club level. What that means for our sport in particular and our winter season in general is still very much an open-ended question. We remain optimistic that there will be a snow season in some form, but there is little doubt that when it does eventuate, it will be unlike anything we have experienced before. We continue to work with our resorts, schools, and community to ensure we are prepared and open to all possibilities.

2020 Snow Season

While the easing of restrictions is an obvious positive step towards a snow season, there are clear challenges the industry has to address with State and Federal health authorities in order to gain the necessary approvals to opening resorts. Limitations on things like traditional staff accommodation arrangements, communal living and the absence of international staff will see resorts and programs limited in capacity to varying degrees. It will impact each resort differently and in turn impact the operation of programs and events. We will need to remain flexible and fluid in how we approach these aspects which directly impact our sport.

The NSW Resorts and Snowy Mountains Region have submitted their 2020 winter operations plan to the NSW Government and NSW Department of Health, and we await their decision on season 2020. We anticipate that the NSW Resorts will be in a position to clarify operational capacities by early June at the latest.

School, Club & Program COVID safe guidelines

In anticipation of the season, Snow Australia is working to develop a set of guidelines for school/clubs/programs in regard to COVID safe operations. This resource is being developed in alignment with the AIS Return to Sport protocols and in collaboration with the Sports Medical Officer, our own program staff and resort operators. It is designed to provide school/club/programs with a resource to develop their own COVID safe operational plans inside their specific resort environment. This resource will be completed in the coming weeks. It will require patience and at times will be frustrating as we work to implement evolving guidelines in a manner which is both safe and practical from a community perspective.

To return to sport more quickly, the AIS and Sport Australia encourages athletes and fans alike to download the #COVIDSafe app to help authorities find and contain any outbreaks, while keeping Australia safe.

Interschools Events Calendar

The uncertainty of the 2020 season format means that it is difficult to confirm our late July, August and September Interschools event calendar with any confidence at this point in time. Snow Australia Interschools is currently working with each resort to understand their capacity and appetite to host events should a winter season eventuate. This will ultimately come down to available resources, expertise and consideration of any restrictions that may be in place in terms of large gatherings and/or risk management requirements involving snow sports activities. Similar to Snow Australia program operations, Interschools event operations will be on a resort by resort and discipline by discipline basis. We are also in discussion with the NSW Department of School Education, as well as other school systems, on their phased approach to the re-introduction of sporting activities in alignment with relevant State Government guidelines.

Click Here for current NSW Department of Education Sport and Physical Activity Guidelines.

We anticipate that following the upcoming announcement on winter season 2020 from the NSW Government, the roadmap for Interschool Snowsports Events will be more easily charted, and we are prepared for all possibilities. We will host a webinar prior to the end of Term 2 to further update schools regarding Interschools events.

Qualification of Events

We acknowledge that many schools are interested to know what qualification rules will be in place for the State and/or National event due to the cancellation of the Northern NSW, QLD and Sydney Championships. We are exploring several scenarios based on what operational restrictions could look like but await further announcements from the NSW Government, health authorities and resorts.

COVID-19 Update for Interschools - 24 March

Snow Australia places the safety, health and well-being of its competitors, volunteers, parents and school communities as our prime focus.

Together with our Resort partners, we are closely monitoring the daily directives from governments, and the recommendations and policies of school systems and health authorities with regard to Covid-19. In an environment of constant change, Snow Australia and the Resorts continue to make preparations for the 2020 winter season.


Weekly Updates

We still have a number of weeks to prepare and plan our events in this evolving environment.  However, regular, clear and factual communication remains essential.

To assist school communities in particular, we will provide weekly updates through our Interschools e-News communiques.  These will be targeted given that the timelines for the Northern (NSW, ACT & QLD) and Victorian series of events differ. 

Register additional recipient addresses for the updates.


Refund Policy

To assist Schools in their planning, Snow Australia is pleased to confirm that should any Interschools events not proceed, full refunds will be made on all event-related payments.  Further details will be provided in coming days.

Regarding accommodation bookings, we are confident that all Resorts and accommodation providers will be announcing generous and flexible refund policies.

We thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times. Our capacity and collective endeavour to welcome guests safely to the mountains in winter this year remains the positive objective.

In the meantime, lets #flattenthecurve to #protectOURseason


Snow Australia Interschools Team.


NSW/ACT/QLD Interschools regular updates

Updates to be provided weekly with formal announcement on or before the following dates:

  • Tuesday 21st April: Formal announcement of either the guaranteed hosting OR the cancellation of the July School Holiday Interschools Events, the Northern NSW & QLD Interschools Event at Thredbo, and the Sydney Interschools Event at Perisher. This date is 66 days prior to the Friday 26th June, the commencement date of the Independent School Holiday break.
  • Tuesday 12th May: : Formal announcement of either the guaranteed hosting OR the cancellation of the Southern NSW & ACT Interschools Event at Perisher. This date is 67 days prior to the Sunday of the Event week, Sunday 19th July.
  • Tuesday 28th July: Formal announcement of either the guaranteed hosting OR the cancellation of the August NSW/ACT/QLD State Interschools Event at Thredbo.
  • Tuesday 18th August: Formal announcement of either the guaranteed hosting OR the cancellation of the September AUSTRALIAN Interschools Event at Perisher.

Snow Australia Interschools and COVID-19 - 16 March

Snow Australia is constantly monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and is receiving regular updates from the AIS and the Sport’s Chief Medical Office (CMO) Dr Peter Braun who is taking advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Australian Government. 

Whilst the snow season is some months away, Snow Australia has scheduled a number of COVID-19 response meetings in Canberra / Melbourne / Sydney / and the Snowy Mountains over the coming weeks to discuss Interschools snow sport competitions at the regional, state and Nationals level. Our mitigation planning involves discussions with the various Interschools Committees, School representatives, host Resorts, Sponsors and Event Organisers. That planning will review participant well-being, scheduling options, communication strategies, operational implications and actions to maintain client/consumer confidence throughout the coming year. 

We intend to provide updates to the community throughout the review process and as the situation evolves. It is a priority to provide as much clarity as possible so that athletes, parents and schools can plan confidently during these unprecedented times.

Snow Australia

16 March 2020

Introducing Little Gliders

Little Gliders is a brand new participation program that introduces children to Cross-country and Alpine disciplines through game based learning with modified ski equipment. 

Please register your interest for Little Gliders at your school or community group by contacting us