Message from the Chair - March 29th 2019

Dear Northern (NSW/ACT/QLD) Interschools Community Members,

On March 13, the National Interschools Committee (NIC) met in Melbourne to finalise planning for the approaching event year, which will be our largest on record with 36 Event Days across 4 Australian Resorts involving participants from all States and most Territories, with WA and TAS to join our NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, QLD Championships in 2019.

Nationally, last year saw us break through the 20,000 event-entry level from 6,380 individual student participants across 675 schools, and our objective is to continue to work toward this 5% per annum average growth-trajectory in the coming years. 2019 will be a most significant year of wide-spread consultation with the Australian Interschools community and our School Snowsports Coordinators, as we seek to re-fine and align our events program to our SSA Pathways and Athlete Development programs, as we collectively plan strongly for the approaching 2020-30 period in our sport, in-line with the SSA’s purpose statement ‘To support Snowsports Athletes and Develop Champions’. Our Interschools Snowsports objective is to support that purpose through three core themes of sustainability – safety – success.  

The below news stories covers some significant developments in 2019 Interschools & Participation, including:

  • National Event & National Rules Developments
  • Important Rule Changes
  • School Coordinator Information Evenings & Small-Group Workshops
  • SSA Participation & Sport Developments
  • November 7th+ 8th National Snowsports Participation & Development Conference
  • November 7th Ski & Snowboard Australia Community Sport Awards
  • 2019 Interschools Participation Initiatives
  • 2019 Snow Prediction.

Whilst lengthy, it is full of important information for school coordinators and the Interschools community.


We look forward to welcoming you and your school Snowsports communities to the NSW Snowy Mountains in 2019.



Steve Cooper

Chair, SSA Northern Interschools Snowsports

Co-Chair, SSA National Interschools Snowsports