First Round Invitations

First round invitations have been developed for the 2020 SNOW AUSTRALIA Interschools Event.

Due to current health restrictions, there are maximum entry numbers per discipline that we must adhere to. 

First round invitations include:

  • Top 20 individuals from the 2019 Regional Championships in Alpine, Ski Cross, Snowboard GS, Snowboard Cross, subject to competitive times/scores.
  • Mogul invitations where participants received a score of 24 or above at the 2019 Regional Championships
  • Slopestyle invitations where participants received a score of 55 or above at the 2019 State Championships

Participants in the first-round invitations will be given the opportunity to enter the event first and must complete their entry by August 6. After this date, an analysis of the entries will be undertaken to determine if there is additional space for entries in particular disciplines and divisions.

If extra entries are permittable, there will be a second round of invitations. There will be an expression of interest process for this second round. Participants will be given an invite with the following priority:

  1. Top 25 individual result from the 2019 Regional Championships, subject to competitive times/scores.
  2. Participants received an invite into one event only and request a second event, eg Alpine and Ski Cross.
  3. Previous participation in Interschools with a competitive result.

There will be no new participant entries in 2020 due to Interschools Risk Management protocols.

There will be a formal process to lodge an expression of interest for a second-round invite. More information will be available on this soon. We ask that schools and/or parents wait for the publication of the formal process, before contacting Interschools on this matter.

Please also note that the list will include students that are now attending new schools in 2020, along with those that completed their schooling in 2019.